Monday, 2 December 2013

How to Hibernate

You always know when it's officially Winter (and I'm talking the really cold, dark, makes-you-want-to-hibernate winter here) when all you want to do is nest down into a snug little pit and watch the world from afar until the balmier months of April and May bring with it a touch of Spring... I feel that time has most definitely arrived!

With the temperate set to plummet from Wednesday onwards, as well as a rumoured 100 days of snow due to grace us with its presence any day now, I'm starting to prepare. Arming myself, and my home, with warming oranges, browns and reds, and looking to the comforting textures of tweed, fur (faux of course!) and wool, I'm making like a bear and building a nature-inspired nest. What better way to start than with this little corker from

Whether you fancy curling up on the sofa with a good, winter-worthy film, relaxing in an autumnal-hue'd armchair or reclining in minimalist style on a wicker rocker (apparently it's the ideal gaming chair... one for the boys perhaps?), the vibrant, warming tones add a comforting touch to any style.

Top Tip - play with textures and materials to add an additional interest... tweed and sequins add a magical, Christmas-esque twist:

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