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Makeover Project - an old science lab desk...
Sunday 24th February 2013

Project Bathroom
Friday 16th March 2012

As you may have seen over on the home page, we're doing up our bathroom. All progress will be followed under the title 'Project Bathroom' - see where we shop for the suite, the accessories and everything in between as well as the installation process (it should be fun!) Let's hope it ends up as good as I'm picturing it!

First Installment...Tuesday 21st February 2012

Second Installment...Sunday 26th February 2012

Third Installment...Sunday 4th March 2012

Fourth Installment...Friday 16th March 2012

Drooling over the side
Tuesday, 31st January 2012
We're saving for a deposit (or at least attempting to) so i can't help but drool over all of the gorgeous homewares out there for the taking. My biggest interiors fix most definitely comes from price-saving, straight from the supplier, Yes the website features lots of randomly naked-yet-covered models, a little odd to say the least, but the furniture on sale is sleek, chic, contemporary, stripped back and to-die-for!

My current favourite is this cute and oh so reasonable Trigo side table, a steal at just £39 - i might not have anywhere to fit it but a girl can dream.

Trigo Side Table -

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