Sunday, 4 March 2012

Project Bathroom #3

All week I have been trawling the internet for the perfect taps - who knew this would be so difficult to find?! I assumed a tap was a tap but oh no, there are mixer taps, single taps, chrome plated, chrome dipped, stainless steel, chrome effect and I'm sure hundreds more variations to choose from...where to begin?! 

I started Project Bathroom with a real passion for finding the best deals and prettiest bath, toilet etc (yes - I thought a toilet could be pretty!) but I have to say, my enthusiasm is slightly dragging. Don't get me wrong, I still want the best options I can find and of course want to spend as little as possible but it's just so darn easy to spend a little bit more purely for the ease of it all. After having not all that much luck searching online, and getting quite frustrated with everything looking pretty much the same but still having absolutely no idea of what it'll look like in the flesh (so to speak) I gave up - to B & Q we went.

In unfortunately quite a hungover state, Mr. S&S and I toodled around picking up bathroom plumbing fittings that I can honestly say have no relevance to anything in my understanding at all. Our friend is a plumber and is kindly offering to help us fit everything so, armed with a very detailed shopping list, we did our best. After an hour of working out if we have the right bits or not we headed to the pretty tap display. There, nestled in with some, what can only be described as, low standard public toilet only taps were these beauties...Cooke & Lewis Saverne collection - I'm in love!

Saverne Basin Mixer - £109.98, Cooke & Lewis from B&Q

Saverne Bath Shower Mixer - £129.98, Cooke & Lewis from B&Q

So we have the taps, the bathroom suite, the tiles, the plumber - now all that's left is to fit everything - here's an idea of what I came home to today...

A very nosey cat

And so it begins...


I'm too scared to look upstairs!!

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