Friday, 2 March 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

With this week's weather soaring to 17 degrees and having whipped out the sunnies for the first time this year it comes as a very unwelcome revelation that rain, and possibly more snow, is on it's way this weekend...

I was caught out last time and very unprepared for the sub-zero temperatures and icy, slippery snow - not this time; oh no, this time I'm going to be wearing my EWE Boots!

The gorgeously glossy wellies from EWE Style have a super soft merino wool lining that are incredibly snug and cosy but also boast the ability to keep feet cool in the warmer months - ideal for my V Fest trip in August! They are also amazingly cushioned and comfy - no kidding, it's actually like walking on clouds!

I can't wait to bust these little ones out this weekend, and for the commute on Monday (there's no way I'm ruining another pair of shoes trekking to the station!) and for my Cotswolds trip, and for walking the dogs, and for V Festival, and for skiing next year, and for...the list goes on!

Now for that sensible coat...hmmm. - £160 a pair and worth every penny!

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