Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Prints - I'm slightly in love...

This season is all about prints - Aztec, Floral, Gatsby, Monochrome - you name it, it's bound to have a print on it. I absolutely adore the pyjama print look a la Stella McCartney, but completely agree with the many reports out there, it's perhaps not for everyone or everywhere, no matter how comfortable it is, after all imagine rocking up to a meeting with the boss in your pjs! 

I thought I'd start slow so I've dipped my toe into the print waters with this little lovely from H&M...

At just £7.99 you really can't start any better but it's got me hooked, there are now several items on my Prints wishlist and, unfortunately for me, it hasn't just stopped with fashion - oh no, now I'm obsessed with prints for the home too! You literally can surround yourself completely in as many contrasting-clashing-yet-wierdly-working-together prints as your heart desires. Here's my pick of the best I've seen so far...

Columbia Road Mustard wallpaper - £198 by Custhom at

Pineapple Crop Top - £40, Oasis

Aztec Placement Print Shorts - £14, River Island

Floral Duvet Cover - £70, Urban Outfitters

Printed Trouser - £39.99, Zara

I'm hot-footing it to Zara as soon as I hit 'Send' - might have to wait until payday for the beautiful wallpaper though...only 2 days away!

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