Monday, 19 March 2012

Mother's Day Madness

Yesterday was Mother's Day in the UK. A beautiful early Spring day with the sun shining, a crispness to the air and Mums everywhere taking it easy and being waited on hand and foot (or that's the plan anyway). I treated my mum to a beautiful plant, I wouldn't have a clue what sort of plant but it was orange and very prettily presented in a wooden pot. My brothers and I would usually organise a lovely lunch somewhere too but yesterday took a slightly different twist - it also happened to be my Nephew's Christening day too.

For weeks beforehand I was searching for the perfect outfit - being a Godparent puts a slightly more important edge on the chosen outfit, after all although it's not my day in the slightest I was still going to have to stand at the front in front of 80 people, even if they are mostly family. You may have seen my previous post regarding my ideal dress, a sublime Joseph dress (click here), if so you will also have seen that I'm on a budget so unfortunately it was completely out of the question - here's what I ended up with instead...

Pink body, Topshop - Green asymmetric skirt, Zara - Bag, Jocasi - Belt, H&M
Shoes, Aldo

The Skirt was bought in January and is no longer online, the belt is new, everything else I've had for a little while now - here are alternative suggestions...

Clean Vest - £25, Warehouse
Asymmetric Fine Pleated Skirt - £29.99, Zara
Flicker Heels - £60, Aldo

In the end of course it didn't matter at all, my gorgeous Nephew Chase looked adorable and that's all that anyone noticed, still though the billowy, floatiness of the skirt definitely put a spring in my step, my mum had a great day, my sister-in-law loved her fist Mother's day and it didn't rain - I couldn't have asked for a better day!

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