Monday, 20 February 2012

Project Bathroom

I've been a little absent over the weekend; I wish I could say it was for something as glamorous and exciting as London Fashion Week, which began over the weekend but no, Mr. S&S and I have been on the hunt for a new bathroom. We're not just feeling extravagant, this is definitely something that has been a long time coming, our bathroom at the moment somewhat resembles a Swedish sauna with varnished Pine being the decorating material of choice. The suite itself is fine in theory, it does the job but it could definitely do with a spruce up. The main reason however is that we don't have a shower. I know what you're thinking, what bathroom these days doesn't have a shower?! The answer - a miniscule one! So this is how we spent the weekend, hunting online and trawling the high street for a bathroom we not only loved but also something affordable (what with the whole money-saving theme and all).

While on our search it became clear that any deals to be had were going to be ending soon so I thought I better share some of the good'uns with you while I can...

We ending up going for a bathroom from Victoria Plumb. There are bathroom suites which include the lot, bath/shower, sink and loo but I found it was actually cheaper on this site to buy the sink and loo as a pair and get the bath separately - here's what we went for (prepare to be excited! oh and ignore the teal)

Energy Bathroom Suite Pack - Victoria Plumb

At only £98 for loo and sink (reduced from £288) This was the best price I came across for a design that was actually ok - you really can't go wrong with a plain, white, modern suite.

Other sites that had good deals available were:

Cambridge free-standing bath - Bath Store

At £299 reduced from £569 it's the ideal answer to a little luxury for less - who can resist a freestanding tub!?

Kensington basin & washstand - Fired Earth

And when money is no object I'm heading straight to Fired Earth. The Kensington basin and washstand - £850 reduced from £1000 - I'm in love!


  1. Just wait until you have a problem with Victoria Plumb. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Would not recommend on this basis alone.

  2. LOVE fired earth products! that sink is amazing wish i had room for it! x

  3. Over 4,500 Reviews for Victoria Plumb and a score of 7.4 on Trustpilot. Seems good to me David!


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