Sunday, 5 February 2012

Padded Pleasures

It's come to my attention that my selection of jackets and coats, vast as it may be, is completely useless when it comes to the cold. Luxurious leather jackets, swanky coats with no buttons (?!), waterproofs as thin as tissue, the list goes on and they're all completely useless when it comes to actually keeping warm - the main point of a coat in the first place.

I've been putting it off with the excuse that I've left it too late but I've had enough, i have to get a warm coat, end of. Luckily enough though I've found a couple of steals still in the sales - here are the four warmest-yet-still-yummy coats i can find...

Andrew Marc at House of Fraser - £90 (was £150)

ASOS Flannel Padded Jacket - £40 (was £95)

Uniqlo Premium Down Ultra light - £79.90

Warehouse Faux Fur Trim Quilted Parker - £40 (was £80)

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