Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Dreaming of sunshine

Don't get me wrong, one of the things I love the most in the world is a crisp winter's day with the sun beating down; everything just looks so beautiful in a bit of winter sunshine. Something I love more than that though is sunshine, when it's actually warm too!

Last year Mr. S&S and I splashed out on a no-expense-spared roadtrip around California. For two and a half weeks we travelled from San Francisco along the Big Sur to LaLa land, from here we carried on south to San Diego before rounding everything off in the one and only, you guessed it, Vegas Baby; it was the trip of dreams and I wouldn't have changed a thing. Of course now it's four months on, I've just about paid off the trip, it's cold, the snow has melted and any heat from the sun seems a long way off - to give us all an escape from freezing cold February here's a bit of paradise...

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