Thursday, 16 February 2012

Home Office

I've been meaning to do something for a little while now with the random bedroom/dumping ground that is our spare room. We have an absolutely enormous sofa so my theory is that, if anyone needs to stay over, the sofa can be used as their bed and we should make the spare room into a beautiful, sleek and calm office space. In all fairness it isn't often that I have to work from home but, when I do, I find it hugely uncomfortable and usually end up slouched over the laptop while watching some form of drivvle on TV...not particularly conducive to work now is it?!

There seems to be a huge surge in beautiful, design-led desks at the moment so I thought I'd share a couple of my favourites, staring with the ever so sleek Klemmbrett Desk...

Klemmbrett Desk - £349 from

23 year old designer Manuel Welsky has developed the Klemmbrett desk together with FASHION FOR HOME with Klemmbrett, meaning clipboard in German, literally describing how the desk top clips in to its supports creating ease of assembly as well as ideal for storage and transportation. It's also really rather lovely to look at too!!

Another favourite of mine is from

Stroller Desk - £299 from

With drawers and a handy storage space in the middle (the green bit lifts up) it's the perfect way to file away any unsightly papers and desk necessities.

So looks like I have no excuse now - Home office here I come!

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