Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Curry and Cake

Far from being romantic, my Valentine's evening is going to be taking place in a local curry house with the in-laws (in an non-married sense).

Don't get me wrong, today started lovely, waking up to a gorgeous boyfriend, cute card and delicious bowl of Lucky Charms (my all-time favourite breakfast cereal!) - we don't think Valentine's is a big thing so this suited me down to the ground. However, tomorrow is Mr. S&S's birthday and I have ever-so-selfishly booked him out for the whole evening so alas, today has been taken over with the parents, sister and sister's boyfriend (why not ruin all of their Valentine's days too eh?!). To some this may sound ideal, after all it does eliminate the pressure of having to have a fully-forced romantic evening, but if i had my own way tonight would be spent like this:

Get home to a waiting hot, sudsy bath, preferably with a glass of something alcoholic, wine would do.

This would be followed by something extremely unhealthy, perhaps a pizza - something we can share keeping the romance alive and all!

During feeding time we would be watching a rom-com, you can't beat a rom-com! The man's favourite is Failure to Launch (I know!) so perhaps that would do.

As it's Valentine's we would of course have a chocolatey, gooey dessert too. Or perhaps some strawberries? either/or.

All the while we would of course be drinking wine too.

I think this plan sounds brilliant, and it's of course easily transferable if you're on your own today - perfect!

But no, curry and a cake it is. The curry will be good I suppose, the cake I made myself last night...this will not be so good (at least the mother-in-law won't ask me to make one again though!)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! xxx

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