Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Leghila Neoprene Bags

The point of this blog was to help save money and document my spending habits and saving tips while working towards a deposit for a flat - how am I meant to do this with so many must-have products crossing my path every which way I turn - that question is directed at you Leghila!

Italian brand Leghila is the creator behind the first Neoprene washable bags. All exclusively made in Italy the bags are beauties and, with designs and styles for all occasions, from hitting the shops to heading up a board room, there really is no excuse for not looking chic and dapper with the right arm candy at all times.

B Bag 782 by Leghila - €450

B Bag by Leghila - from €195

PC Case by Leghila - from €110

BIZ Bag by Leghila - €150

With dozens of colour combinations to choose from for each design you can have one for each outfit!

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