Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I heART You xx

With Valentine's Day now less than a week away it's only appropriate to show you some of my picks for gifts, and I don't think you can say it much better than with a fab piece of art. Not only will the recipient love the gesture but they can also hang it for all to see - a true (and slightly less serious than engagement) declaration of love...

Show you're a pair:

Chloe Croft Limited Edition Signed 'Magenta Flamingos' - £90 from Rockett St. George

I couldn't have said it better myself:

'Kiss Her' - £40 from Rockett St. George

In it's most true and simplest form (only 50 available so act quick!):

Lester Magoonan's 'Love' - £95 from Art Republic

Say it your own way:

Personalised Scrap Letter Print by I Love Design - £20 from Not On The High Street

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