Wednesday, 29 February 2012

PayDay Treat!

It's payday! It's also the end of the first month of Satchels and Soap! 

For those that have been following the blog you will know that the general aim for S&S is to document our journey to saving for a deposit for a flat; you will also know that so far I am failing miserably at actually curbing my spending but, alas, it's payday...everyone needs a treat on payday.

I'm heading to the Cotswolds soon for a romantic weekend away for Mr. S&S's birthday so what better to treat myself to that a beautiful weekend holdall? This is by far the best one I've found (that isn't extortionately priced, I am saving a little bit after all!) and it's possibly too cute for words so you'll just have to enjoy the picture instead...

Anorak Seagulls Weekend Holdall - £150, Anorak Online

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