Monday, 13 February 2012


This year is turning out to be rather unique - I'm actually managing to stick to a New Year Resolution. As with the rest of the nation I NEVER make resolutions that I stick to, or even want to but this year my resolution wasn't to lose weight or exercise more (I already did my fair share of gym-going as it was) but it was to try a new exercise - I opted for Yoga.

As I work in Soho I chose the Triyoga studios in Kingly Court. As you walk in a sweet scent of incense immediately gives you a sense of calm which continues into the studio itself. a reasonably small space with enough room for around 20 to fit comfortably with their mats (these are provided). The teacher I have worked with is Leah, a very pretty, lovely, typically-Calfornian girl with the ability to not make you feel like a complete idiot while trying to stand on your head (oh yes, and that was only week three!). She leads you through the steps necessary to get into poses you never thought your body capable of and you really do leave with a sense of having achieved something positive to set you up for the day.

Now at 7:30 in the morning, which means a disgusting 5:20 alarm, it is a tad early for my liking but it does fit perfectly in with my day. The class finishes at 8:30 and, after a quick (communal) shower I can be at the office by 9am and ready to start the day. Getting the exercise chore out of the way first thing really does give you a bit of smugness that just can't be helped but, be warned, you will want to sleep as soon as you walk through your front door - I'm still yet to decide if it's the yoga or the early start that's behind that one. 

All in all, I've managed to go now every Tuesday of this year, I'll be up and at 'em first thing tomorrow and thoroughly recommend it to everyone. It's not cheap though, at £13 for an individual class or £90 for 10 you really do have to enjoy it to make it worth while but so far so good.

Triyoga - Kingly Court, Soho

Have a lovely day everyone, namaste!

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