Friday, 3 February 2012

Gift idea that's a cut above

Mr S&S decided to treat himself to a spot of pampering yesterday in the form of a hair cut, shave and a bit of a massage chucked in for good measure. Now this may sound like extreme metrosexuality and, to be fair, it kind of is but he managed to macho it up a bit as this is no ordinary barbershop-cum-beauty salon, oh no, this is Ted's Grooming Room, the barbershop arm of high street store Ted Baker.

After the full 'Ted' service he came home looking very dapper and chilled and proceeded to give me a full run down of the experience - Hair wash and cut followed by a cut-throat shave. The latter consisted of his face being mummified with a hot towel while his neck, shoulders, arms and hands were massaged to within an inch of pure relaxation then out came the open blade for the closest shave of his life.

Ted's Grooming Room
The pure joy Mr. S&S seemed to get from such sheer man-pampering led me to think how perfect a gift this would be for the modern day bloke about town - thus I'm sharing the wisdom with you.

Ted's Grooming Room has three locations in London - Cheapside, Holborn & Mayfair.

The Full 'Ted' Service is a steal at £36 but there are more options shown on their website - Ted's Grooming Room

For some modern old school grooming this is definitelythe place to go.

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