Friday, 17 February 2012

S&S MEETS: Meg Mathews

Yesterday I got the chance to do a Q&A with celebrity, socialite, blogger and now interior designer Meg Mathews. Telling all about her new collection for interiors retailer dwell, her inspirations and what's next, here's what she had to say...

Why did you decide to team up with dwell?
I’ve always loved the brand and had a real passion for interiors, my collection for dwell has been the ideal opportunity to explore this further.

What was your inspiration/influence for the collection?
My daughter loves babushka dolls, she has a huge collection and one in particular always stood out, a neon pink one that was the main inspiration for the central design for the collection, and of course skulls are a part of my signature logo. Inspiration was also taken from the range of limited edition scarves I created for Liberty.

Which is your favourite item from the range?
My favourite has to be the duvet set. The Babushka doll print is very striking on the black background and I absolutely love the femininity created by the bows at the base.

What is your key interiors tip?
Lighting is absolutely key, it has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of a room.

What is your most treasured possession?
This is of course my daughter Anais. If I had to choose one material item I think I'd go for my beautiful Goyard trunk. I came across it in a junk yard so it was a real bargain too.
And finally, what are your future plans?
I am continuing to work with dwell as well as working with Cochrane Design and Rachel Galley jewellery, I also work on my own website

The exclusive Meg Mathews for dwell range comprises of a selection of stunning 100% silk cushions as well as a bold and beautiful bedlinen set, all adorned with the signature skull logo and pretty babushka doll print. The collection will be hitting stores next week and I for one will be first in the queue!

Check out the full range here
Meg Mathews for dwell Crown cushion - £59 - Ideal for the upcoming Jubilee celebrations!

Meg Mathews for dwell Three Dolls cushion - £69

Meg Mathews for dwell Russian Doll cushion - £79

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