Sunday, 27 January 2013

TRAVEL - The beauty of Berlin

Last August I went to the beautiful city of Berlin. Having previously not even considered Germany's capital as a potential city break location that I wanted to visit I really had no idea what to expect; I was very pleasantly surprised.

We stayed at Hotel Mani in the Mitte district. 

The hotel was ideal - beautifully decorated, quirky yet sleek, small yet kitted out with everything we needed; we were also permitted to use the stunning roof terrace bar of the sister hotel just around the corner (what better setting for a couple of sunny afternoon drinks?). The location of the hotel was also perfect, we couldn't have asked for anything better, particularly on our reasonably small budget. Just a short walk from Alexanderplatz, probably best described as the Leicester Square of Berlin without all of the bars, we were close enough to walk pretty much everywhere whilst still being able to experience an essence of Berlin-living in what seemed to be quite an upscale, trendy area.

Berlin itself is of course known for the obvious history and you really do have to do a bit of sight-seeing whilst your there - the buildings and surroundings such as the Reichstag are beautiful.

Another reason for visiting Berlin is the food; I couldn't go to Germany without trying sauerkraut and currywurst, especially with a German boss back in the office! I will never forget my first German meal, unfortunately not because it was just too delicious - quite the opposite. In simple terms, because I have no idea of the correct ones, it was rubbery pale cheese, very large, dry bread, pickled gherkins and...a tub of lard. LARD! I'm sure there were better things I could have tried, I'm quite a fussy eater as it is; needless to say, I stuck to what I knew from then on...

This short, brief summary of my trip doesn't do any justice to the sheer diversity of Berlin - from the wealthy Charlottenburg to the graffiti, infamous nightlife, culture and everything in between, Berlin is 100% definitely worth the visit; I, for one, will most certainly be returning very soon!

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