Friday, 15 February 2013

Something for the weekend...COOK Shop

Today is the boyfriend's birthday and we'll be celebrating tomorrow with a dinner party. With my typically bad planning I've left absolutely no time to cook (drinks tonight and brunch tomorrow, followed by a sophisticated (*boozy) afternoon at Vinopolis - not the ideal cooking conditions!) so have opted for the cheat's option - COOK Shop!

If you're new to COOK - it's a fabulous store offering frozen, home-cooked meals...genius! You can choose the honest route and 'fess up (after all, the hosting is just as important as the cooking, right?!) or, like me, you can pop it into your own cookware and lie through your teeth to say it's all made by your own fair hands.

We've chosen the following...(I've stretched to making the bruschetta and all cocktails myself - Nigella eat your heart out!)

This weekend you can find me pleasantly tipsy, possibly in a food coma...shall update on the actual food once I recover.

Have a fab weekend everyone!

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