Sunday, 14 April 2013

S&S Meets: Magpie Miller

There are more quirky, adorable homeware accessories stores both on the high street and online than ever, from the longstanding Graham & Green, Pedlars and Cox & Cox to the new, sometimes more niche, perhaps more experimental, more personal stores - there is more choice on offer, with all of the fabulous stores hunting out exactly what you didn't realise you ever needed but suddenly must have in your life, and best of all, scouting out the lost, forgotten treasures of years gone by. 

Enter Magpie Miller...

With an ingenious collection of lghting, stationery, accessories and artwork, as well as a unique collection of treasures in the 'Rescued & Reloved' category, Magpie Miller are certainly a go-to e-store when on the hunt for something quirky yet beautiful - the brains behind the brand, Elissa Miller, tells us more...

Why did you decide to create Magpie Miller?
I wanted to provide people with an alternative way to find interesting items. There are
so many fantastic larger shops out there but my intention was to share products on
Magpie Miller that are unique and individual. I’m also passionate about design made
with integrity and as such I source most of my items from independent designers and
smaller design collectives - something I always knew I wanted to incorporate within the
ethos of the shop.

How do you source your fab product range?
I source the product range in various ways; researching designers on the internet,
going to trade shows as well as attending antique fairs. I’m always on the lookout for
gorgeous new items and can find them in the most unexpected places. Discovering
items this way is always a real treat!

What is the best part about your job?
The best part of the job is finding great new items and working with such talented,
passionate people.

Do you have any favourite products that you just had to have at home too?
I wish I could have all of the Magpie Miller products in my home. I very much buy items
for the shop based on what I fall in love with which is quite dangerous! We’re just in the
process of buying a new house and I’ve got a tonne of plans for it – with the pink and
white Moth Origami Lamp featuring heavily…

You hunt out vintage finds and give them a new lease of life - what has been your best
My best discovery at the moment has been the West Virginia Blendo frosted ombre
glass. Its light pastel shades mixed with its mid century design make them so yummy to
look at and use.

You obviously have a great eye for design, will you ever try your hand at creating your
own range?
I’ve done printmaking before and I’m always trying to stay creative so it’s not something
that I would rule out. I do have ideas but with the business being so busy it’s just hard
to find the time. One day!

What's next for Magpie Miller?
I recently embarked on my very first photo shoot for Magpie Miller with super duper
interior stylist Charlotte Love and uber talented interior photographer Jon Day, which
was such a brilliant experience. Other than showing off the gorgeous photos I’ll be
buying lots more fabulous items for the shop!

Finally, what is your top tip for creating an ideal interior space?
Ensure that your home has cohesiveness – whether that be a loud and crazy clatter of
styles or a calm and soothing one, it’s always nice to have the feel of a house being a
whole rather than a collection of individually conflicting rooms.

So there you have it - the place to shop, what to look for and how to do it...I'm certainly on my way to making my house a home and this is most definitely one store I will be visiting again!

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