Friday, 6 April 2012

Wallpaper Galore from Wallpaper Republic

It's a bank holiday, the end of Project Bathroom is in sight and the sun is shining - what better way to start the long weekend?!

The tiling for the bathroom has finally begun and all of the DIY shenanigans has got me dreaming of what else I can get my hands on and update. When we moved in around 3 years ago we wanted to get everything done quickly so we turned to paint - it's easy, I could do it on my own and it's relatively cheap; now I'm wanting pattern.

I've come across an amazing website with wallpaper designs for every mood - from cool and calm, fun and pretty to all-out wacky and full of attitude. Wallpaper Republic has wallpaper designs from over 20 artists and, best of all, it's not mass produced 'I've seen that somewhere before' tat.

I'm not sure where to start and which option I want to go for but here are some designs on my shortlist...

Timbuctu - £75 by Jonathan Calugi

Bikes by Luke James

Burter Wall Mural - £205.40 by Marconi

3pm by Ximena Escobar

And one that I'm dying to find the right space for...

Back Yello- £75 by eBoy

There are currently only showroom's in Australia and Japan but fret not, you can buy in the UK from - phew!

To choose from dozens of designs, at a variety of prices to suit all budgets, click here.

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