Tuesday, 24 April 2012

We Heart the 80s!

This weekend I'm heading down south to Bournemouth to spend the weekend in fancy dress celebrating the upcoming wedding of one of my very best friends, that's right, it's a hen do. This will be the first of my close friends tying the knot and, I have to say, it's really quite scary that I seem to be at 'that age' already, eek. Luckily for me, we'll have the 80s theme and, I'm assuming, a far bit of dutch courage to get us through - heading back to the decade we were all born seems pretty fitting, now just to find the outfit. 

I'd love to say we're going for the ultra cool Madonna-from-the-80s vibe, as below...

I was hoping to have a reason to buy this little one - LOVE IT!!

Lace Crop Top - £14, Topshop

But alas no, we're heading straight into neon-fluoro-garish-clashville. As in typical hen-do tradition, we thought it a brilliant idea to look as ridiculoous as possible, which is why instead of ultra-cool Madge, we're opting for this:

That's right - the 80s work out look. Not the most flattering look in the world and, apparently you also need to be able to pose with a smile while hoisting your legs vertically into the air...we'll see!

Luckily, the neon and fluro trend is absolutely everywhere so I'm hoping to find something to act as much as damage-limitation as possible. So far I've found these...any more recommendations greatly appreciated!

Parrot Tank - £20, Topshop

MOTO Neon Denim Biker Jacket - £58, Topshop

Pink Ombre Denim Leggings - £20, River Island

Shorts - £7.99, H&M

and for the brave:

Nylon Tricot Cycle Shorts - £24, American Apparel

At least I already have my trusty Fluoro Cambridge Satchel Company bag - that's one thing off the shopping list.

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