Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Man's Bag

The man bag has long been a topic of debate and very few can pull it off to give it full justice. Mr. S&S tends to opt for a rucksack to and from work, I mean it's ok, not horrendous or anything, but it's still a rucksack - in London - possibly one of the most annoying and inconvenient accessories to have in such a busy city as any tube-traveller will tell you. Now don't get me wrong, he's not generally the rucksack type, he still has a Mulberry weekend bag to balance it out, but I just don't think he's found the right bag - until now!

Next month we will have been together for a whopping 7 years, yikes, so to celebrate I thought I'd get him a smart, sophisticated, work-suitable bag; at last week's launch of the new Dover Street Wolf & Badger store I found it. This chic Baartmans and Siegel satchel is ideal - not too 'loud', not feminine in anyway whatsoever, and a faux-anaconda effect to boot - just right. 

Baartmans and Siegel satchel - £230, Wolf & Badger

There's just one issue - it's £230. This isn't necessarily a problem but what if he hates it? There is quite the possibilty that he just won't want to use the bag, after all it's a big step from a rucksack!! 

So I've hunted around for a cheaper alternative - enter Dr. Martens. Whether you opt for the smaller option (£90) or the larger (£120) it's still a huge chunk less to gamble with, I'm sold.

11" Leather Satchel - £90, Dr Martens

15" Leather Satchel - £125, Dr Martens

All fingers crossed it's a success!

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