Friday, 4 May 2012

On the hunt

Working around Carnaby Street means it's nigh-on impossible to avoid shopping, or at least the desire to go shopping. One store I try to avoid as much as possible is The Kooples - I could literally buy everything in there if only I had a never ending supply of cash! 

It was inevitable really, I couldn't avoid it forever, and now I've fallen completely hook, line and sinker for this little number - the only catch, it's a fairly steep £180! But I do love it...

Printed Silk Jacquard Shirt - £180, The Kooples 
Pete Doherty collection at The Kooples

With thanks to Project Bathroom (the never-ending bain of my life!) I need to hunt for a cheaper option but I seem to be so blind-sided by this one I'm not sure anything will quite compete - might just have to take the plunge then, what a shame!

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