Tuesday, 15 May 2012

S&S FOOD: MEATliqour

Last night I experienced the wonder that is MEATLiqour - Romantic, civilised and sophisticated it is not; delicious, mouthwateringly good and buzzing it most definitely is.

Having heard a lot of reviews that you will often have to queue around the block for an hour or so we thought a Monday night would be safe - luckily as we arrived at 6:45 we were fine although queues were building up when we left at around 9pm.

Inside the atmosphere is electric. The lighting is low, with red strip lights to set a bit of a grimey feel. The walls are graffitied, with a feature wall of plastic flaps covered in red 'blood' (paint) - you know the sort usually found in a slaughter house-type setting. It was reasonably early and the place was already full to the brim with drinkers and diners alike. We wormed our way through to the last table at the back of the restaurant and set about examining the menu, bringing me nicely onto the food - wow!

The MEAT part of the menu consisted of a variety of burgers, I opted for the Green Chili Cheeseburger. The LIQOUR section of the menu offered much more - a host of beverages to choose from, ranging from simple beer to an extensive cocktail list or perhaps champagne, I went for the Paloma while MR. S&S had the Donkey Punch, a whole load of ginger ale goodness.

I would go into detail of the food and cocktails but, and I think this is praise enough, you really have to try it to know just how good it is - literally the best burger I've ever eaten!

The photos are awful but you get the jist - and with everything served on one tray you really do just have to get stuck it (which completely explains the Kitchen Roll as a serviette replacement - very wise!)

and the dessert - if I could just eat one thing for the rest of my life it'd be the Quack Pie - To.Die.For!!!

Overall - completely, 100%, highly recommend.

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