Thursday, 31 May 2012


Hooray! It's nearly the weekend, and a long one at that. I, along with millions of others, wil be attempting to get somewhere near the river on Sunday to watch the Queen's Pageant sail past, but of course it's due to rain - I'm taking precautions!

I'm bound to be wearing something unsuitable for the weather, I always do. I guess it's just wishful thinking perhaps but I hop into my flip flops at any chance I get and I'm sure this weekend will be no different. Suitably dainty little dress, sunglasses and sandals at the ready I'm all set for the Jubilee weekend - except this morning's Metro said Beryl's on her way. Yep, a storm called Beryl (who names these?!) is set to bring wind and rain to spoil everyone's fun. 

Now apparently the stormy weather won't hit until Tuesday but i'm not taking any chances - they may be a thing of the past but pac-a-macs are back, the ideal addition to your bag this weekend. For pure convenience I'm heading to Topshop to choose from these three - they have so many to choose from so it's definitely worth a look and they're just a bit nicer than the standard camping store option aren't they...

Basic pac-a-parka - £24, Topshop

Mink pac-a-poncho - £20, Topshop

 For something a little more sturdy this plastic mac would be great too, decisions...

Metallic plastic mac - £45, Topshop

All of these are perfect for carrying over to your festival wardrobe too!


  1. The Topshop Parka is lovely...
    The Target Dry Mac in a Sac's are definitely more colourful and interesting than the 'standard camping store option' !

    Check em out at >

  2. Thanks for sending the link - lots of great colours and really reasonably priced, definitely worth a look!


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