Friday, 8 June 2012

Perfect Packaging

Packaging, no matter what is inside, can really make the difference. Whether you're opening a gorgeously wrapped gift or ordering something from ebay, the presentation really does count - first appearance is everything and all that; online shopping is no different. More often than not, goodies purchased online will arrive at your door in some form of flimsy plastic wrapping, if you're lucky it might even be shoved into a bit of cheap tissue paper, which is why I think my recent purchase from is worth a mention.

Cocosa describes itself as "a luxury fashion website, selling designer clothes in time limited sales, at amazing prices" and the packaging certainly lives up to this. Even though I'd bought something discounted the item was delivered to me by courier today neatly tissue wrapped and sticker-sealed, placed in a pristine bag, tied beautifully with a bow and then inside a perfectly side cardboard box (I can't stand wasteful, oversized boxes and packaging!), even the delivery note was in it's own envelope.

I know this may seem like something so small to mention but it really did add to the whole shopping experience - the fact that the item inside wasn't quite right is of course a shame but isn't the end of the world, now don't even get me started on the apparently helpful and seamless returns process...

Hmmm, what to buy next?

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