Friday, 29 June 2012

Something for a Friday...

It's Friday, the end of a loooong week and it's pay day - the weather's a bit rubbish so there's no sitting outside soaking up some rays this lunch time, there's only one thing for it, hit the SALES!!!

Now I'm trying to avoid spending far too much so I won't be posting any good buys (I'll only end up getting them myself!) so I thought instead I'd post this...

Perhaps a little random, and definitely a bit pointless but, while walking to work along Bond Street and onto Regent Street I found interesting how different stores promoted their sales. From a small plaque in Burberry's window to the all singing, all dancing Gap display - It seems the high street and designer brands couldn't be more different.

Of course this has greater depths than just a window display, catering to different customers, sticking to the brand's identity, dependant on how much the brand needs the sales to be a success etc - I'm not one to say, I literally did just find it interesting.

Anyhoo - Enjoy the sales, the fact that it's payday and a Friday!!

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