Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Road watches

This weekend saw Mr. S&S undertake one of his toughest cycling challenges yet - in a team of four he took part in RIDE24, in support of Action Medical Research.

The challenge involves a relay, with each cyclist pushing the limits to notch up as many laps of Goodwood Motor Circuit as possible in one hour, before passing the batton (so to speak) onto the next - this carries on for 24 hours! If the cycling wasn't enough of a challenge, the lack of sleep, loneliness (think cycling in the dark, in the rain at 3am) and Saturday's horrendous weather certainly made this an experience never to be repeated. With nothing but your thoughts to take your mind off of the monotonous, painful task I thought a nice piece of arm candy to admire would be a welcome addition - enter the race track inspired watch.

Perhaps not technically inspired by the race track (well, not that I know of) these rubber-strapped gems are ideal for sports, without going to whole hog and investing in a far-too-technical sport-specific model...

For the boys:

Ice-Chrono - £142.50, Ice-Watch at Watch Shop

Altitude Watch - £165, Kennett

Tone-on-Tone - £34.95, O'Clock

and for the girls:
Diver watch - £184, Marc by Marc Jacobs at Shop Bop

Pink series - $89, Baby G

Do you need any more of a reason to hop on that bike?!

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