Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wanderlusting for London

Why is it we tend to know foreign countries and cities better than our own? I can talk you through all the main sites and back streets of Paris and map out the direct route to Pier 39 in San Fransisco but ask me where St James Park is in London and I wouldn't have had a clue until yesterday. 

Every morning I walk from Victoria station, past Buckingham Palace, through Green Park and worm my way to Newburgh Street. I knew you could see Westminster and the London Eye in the distance but that was about it - no way would I know how to get there. 

While watching the River Pageant at the weekend I found myself walking to Westminster completely by accident, much the same as how I stumbled into St. James Park while being directed around Buckingham Palace on my walk to work yesterday - I was completely oblivious to the fact that I was completely missing such a beautiful park...

I've now decided to make it my mission to explore this wonderful city - with so much to offer who knows what I'll find next.

P.S feel free to send recommendations for your London secrets/must-sees!


  1. What a lovely post and beautiful pics. I'm from
    Islington and one of my favourite spots is Lonsdale Square. I'm now living in Sydney, Australia so its nice to read about my hometown.

  2. Ah thank you, I'll add Lonsdale Square to my go-to list! Sydney's also on there but think that might be some time away unfortunately. x


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