Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Pyjama look - I've finally caved!

I know it's been around a while, and those that know me will also know how much I hated it in the first instance but I've finally caved, that's right, I know own and willingly wear a pair of pj-esque trousers...out of the house!!

Made popular by Stella McCartney for her SS12 collection, as below, and with the likes of Rihanna giving it a go the dressed down look has since spread like wildfire across the high street...

Now don't get me wrong, I know I'm coming into this one a little late, and to be honest I was more than happy to completely pass it by all together but when I stumbled across the Tribal Print Formal Jogger in Topshop I couldn't resist; these may not technically refer to the pyjama trend but it's a start...

Tribal Print Formal Joggers - £35, Topshop

I teamed mine with the VECTRA4 Slippers also from Topshop - well, they are pyjamas after all!

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